Weekly Relative Value

Published at the top of each week, Weekly Relative Value tracks market and economic trends, analyzes key releases and watches ongoing political developments. Understand how current events are impacting investment yields and risk, and influencing choices portfolio managers are making.

By Tom Slefinger, SVP, Director of Institutional Fixed Income Sales.

Tom has more than 30 years’ combined success in fixed income analysis, trading and portfolio risk management.

Current Issue

March 18, 2019 Have Consumers Thrown in the Towel?

Recent Issues

March 11, 2019 Deficits Surge

March 4, 2019 The Stock Market is Not the Economy

February 25, 2019 The Real National Emergency

February 19, 2019 Crazy Talk

February 11, 2019 Is the Next Fed Rate Move a Cut?

February 4, 2019 Trickle Up

January 28, 2019 "May You Live in Interesting Times"

January 22, 2019 Too Much Debt

January 14, 2019 The U.S. is Not an Island


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