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By issuing certificates through the SimpliCD program, Alloya/Balance Sheet Solutions was able to provide a great option for ELGA's liquidity needs. We were able to raise $10 million in one day! I couldn't believe how fast and easy they made the whole process for us. We received the funds much quicker than I expected. We plan to use SimpliCD issuance as our first choice when needing liquidity.

Karen A. Church
CEO, ELGA Credit Union

Are you looking for an alternative liquidity source? Have you considered issuing share certificates to other credit unions?

SimpliCD Issuance

Many are accustomed to purchasing brokered certificates via SimpliCD. However, did you know that your credit union can issue its own certificate(s) to raise funds?

By issuing a share certificate to other credit unions and institutional investors nationwide, your credit union can open a new stream of liquidity. Meanwhile, if the investing institution is also a credit union you the keep business (and benefits) within the credit union network.

How It Works
This liquidity option is made possible via our relationship with SimpliCD*, a provider familiar to many as a seller of certificates. With one phone call to your Balance Sheet Solutions representative, your credit union can issue up to $50 million or more in deposits – and we’ll do all the work! SimpliCD facilitates the issuance of certificates by conducting a market analysis to help set the credit union’s CD rate, and will then publicize the offering to more than 4,300 credit union investors. This certificate issuance program reaches more credit unions than any other source.

Why Choose SimpliCD Issuance?

  • Expedient – Certificate issuance can be established by the credit union now, and tapped later for reliable, quickly accessible liquidity.
  • Effective – SimpliCD provides access to a nationwide market with more credit union investors than any other issuer.
  • Efficient – Multiple investors can be pooled into one share certificate, opened on the credit union’s books, saving time and money.
  • Flexible – Certificates can be issued in transaction sizes ranging from $100,000 to $50 million, and terms can be customized to suit the credit union’s asset/liability needs.
  • Cooperative – Leverage liquidity in the credit union system while keeping business in the credit union network, upholding the credit union value of cooperation.
  • Affordable – There are no subscription fees, broker fees or market analysis fees.
  • Professional – Ongoing assistance and guidance is provided by experienced certificate issuance professionals

Get started now!
If you are ready to get started with SimpliCD Issuance, click here to download our one-page issuance agreement.

For more information…
When you are ready, we will help you structure and market your offer. There is nothing to lose, contact your Account Executive at Balance Sheet Solutions or click here.

Additional Liquidity Options

Selling Securities
If your credit union has a need to increase your liquidity fast, you may want to consider selling securities. Through our partnership with CU Investment Solutions, LLC (CU-ISI), a CUSO jointly owned by corporate credit unions (including Alloya), we are able to facilitate all broker-dealer transactions, including the sale of securities. However, penalties will apply; this solution can convert your security to cash if that is what you require.

Alloya Corporate FCU
Any fully capitalized member of the corporate has access to an Advised Line of Credit up to 50x their perpetual capital contribution. This line can be accessed for a variety of reasons, including settlement/demand loans and term loans. Member credit unions can purchase additional capacity with a Supplemental Line of Credit. Also Alloya offers correspondent services to both the Central Liquidity Facility and the Federal Reserve Bank Discount Window.

If you are currently not a member of the corporate, but would like to learn how you can become one, please email

Balance Sheet Solutions, LLC is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered investment advisor.
Broker-dealer transactions are facilitated through CU Investment Solutions, LLC (ISI), member FINRA/SIPC.

*SimpliCD is a product offered through Balance Sheet Solutions partnership with Primary Financial.

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