Board Training Webinar

ALM for Board Members

A special late day
Connection Webinar

Please encourage your board of directors to register for this important training. For your convenience, we have created a letter that you can use to invite your board to this training and subsequent four part training series. Please click here to access this customizable letter.

Thursday, March 21, 2019 ~ 6:00 pm (ET)

Having a solid knowledge base for all your available products, services, assets and cash flows, and anticipating the needs of membership can be daunting as a full-time credit union employee. Now, consider retaining all that information as a credit union volunteer.

Credit union board members serve an important role in operations and long-term planning – steering the credit union towards a bright, sustainable future, while advancing its mission. That’s a lot to take on – and with a mixed background of skills, your board of directors may not be too familiar with important balance sheet tools that may help them in their decision making process. One such tool is asset/liability management (ALM).

What your Board of Directors Can Expect

During this webinar, we will help define and discuss the importance of ALM for directors and how it can help prepare for various risks brought on by a change in the interest rate environment.

Plus, we will introduce a four-part ALM Training for Board Members Series that will be made available online for them to watch and re-watch at their convenience after the webinar. This four-part series includes:

Presenter: Kristina Muller, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager

Kristina manages numerous credit union investment portfolios, representing a range of asset sizes. In addition, she works closely with credit union CEOs and CFOs to develop balance sheet strategies and enhance board education. As a regular presenter at credit union events, Kristina is also the author of related articles (including those posted in the Learn section of this website).