Mortgage Servicing Rights Valuation - "Value It"

Credit unions should determine the fair market value of the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) they administer, for a variety of reasons. Balance Sheet Solutions’ Value It program addresses these needs.

For Regulatory Compliance – Credit unions that originate mortgages and retain the loans’ servicing function must determine the fair market value of the MSR portfolio.

For Management Reports – The revenue generated by servicing rights and the overall MSR portfolio value is a useful addition to management reports.

For Retain-or-Sell Decisions – When considering whether to retain or sell your credit union’s mortgage servicing rights, an independent valuation of the portfolio is of utmost importance.

Value to Your Credit Union

The cost-effective valuation model, designed specifically for credit unions, can be run annually or periodically throughout the year. Team members at Balance Sheet Solutions guide your credit union through the process and provide associated reports.

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